Sea and nature, relaxation and fun.

If your ideal holiday combines time for relaxing and time for exercising and enjoying cultural experiences, the Gulf of Baratti and the surrounding area are the perfect place for an unforgettable stay.

Hiking, mountain biking, beaches

The Gulf of Baratti offers a wide range of trails immersed in nature. Next to the Gulf of Baratti, the Promontory of Piombino provides a stunning scenery with paths and small enchanted coves.

. Via Buca delle Fate
. Via di San Quirico
. Via dei Cavalleggeri
. Via del Crinale
. Via Poggio Mulino – Pozzino

Clearly marked by signs, the trails lead to beautiful coves of rocks and pebbles.

. Buca delle fate
. Cala San Quirico
. Fosso alle Canne
. Spiaggia Lunga
. Calamoresca
. Cala del Pozzino


The crystal-clear sea of the Gulf of Baratti is the ideal setting for your diving and snorkelling sessions.

Our staff and Diving Baratti manager Luca will be happy to plan your favourite excursions for you:

Where: Baratti – Isola D’Elba Buca delle Fate, Cala San Quirico, Punta Galera Per tutte le età, esperti e non.

Archaeological Park

If you’re into ancient history, we’ll be happy to plan your visit to the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, on the shores of the Gulf. The promontory is home to remains and ruins that testify to the presence of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations.

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience visiting the Necropolis of San Cerbone, the Acropolis of Populonia and breathtaking trails where nature and culture meet the shimmering sea.

Photography credits culture.gov.uk

Calidario Hot Springs

The Calidario Hot Springs, also known as the Etruscan Hot Springs, are just a 10-minute drive from Agricampeggio La Piaggia.

Here you can soak in a natural hot spring pool spanning over 3000 square meters, an authentic, unique geological phenomenon. In addition to the outdoor pool, services include wellness programs, treatments and massages.

Photography credits www.calidario.it

Cantina Petra

Located in the municipality of Suvereto, Petra is a charming farm just a 20-minute drive from Agricampeggio La Piaggia.

Extending over 300 hectares, the estate is set in a beautiful place that sees the perfect fusion of the work of man and nature’s resources. Wine, culture, architecture – the perfect combination to create lasting memories during your holiday.

Photography credits www.petrawine.it


Agricampeggio La Piaggia is not just about holidays and relaxation. Our approach is also centred on knowledge, an open-air educational experience.

Agricampeggio La Piaggia promotes special events with activities focusing on psychological and physical well-being, cuisine, local culture and much more.

A vibrant, constantly changing space.