Guide to the beaches of the Etruscan Coast

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If you are planning a unique vacation of relaxation and contact with nature, you have chosen the right destination: the Etruscan Coast. This gem of the Tuscan coast offers dreamy beaches, breathtaking scenery and a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel instantly at home. In this article, we will guide you to discover the most enchanting beaches of the Etruscan Coast, both equipped and free, to ensure an unforgettable experience.

And remember, no visit is to be thrown away; whether you are planning your vacation now or plan to return in the future, we invite you to discover what makes this place so special.

The most beautiful equipped beaches

Equipped beaches are ideal for those seeking convenience without sacrificing natural beauty. Here you can find all the services you need to spend a relaxing day, enjoying the sun and the sea without any worries.

Gulf of Baratti

The Gulf of Baratti is a true paradise for sea and nature lovers. Surrounded by a lush pine forest with majestic pines shaped by the force of nature, it offers a wide range of services, including 2 small, fully equipped bathing establishments where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, making it the perfect choice for families.


This beach is a piece of paradise on earth.A natural cove, perfect for those seeking a bit of nature without sacrificing the comfort of amenities. It is easily accessible via a paved path about 5 minutes from a large paid parking lot. The setting is truly unique: sheer cliffs overlooking the sea, crystal clear water, and the sight of the horizon fading away. This is accompanied by a part of the beach equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs, a bar, and a seafood restaurant for quick lunches or romantic dinners.


This beach is located on the east coast, along the strip of sand that joins Piombino with the Gulf of Follonica. The beach appears to be engulfed by Mediterranean scrub. A long tongue of sand crosses a never-ending coastline. Numerous equipped bathrooms will provide comfort and why not fun for the little ones. At Bagnoskiuma you can rent tents with deck chairs, practice sup or enjoy windsurfing lessons.

The most beautiful free beaches in the Etruscan Coast

For those who prefer a wilder, more nature-focused experience, the Etruscan Coast also offers wonderful free beaches, where the crystal-clear sea and fine sand are the stars.

Gulf of Baratti

The Gulf of Baratti besides having two small equipped establishments is mostly free beach or rather wild, a treasure of nature. It is located in a unique natural setting. The beautiful beach, which drops gently into the waters of the gulf, is safeguarded behind it by a thick pine forest. Its wealth of flora and fauna will make you lose track of time. From north to south along the entire Gulf you can enjoy irresistible views within its pine forest and along its coastline. Thanks to its conformation you can enjoy a clear and calm sea making your vacation unforgettable.

Cove the Pozzino (or Rich Baratti)

This small beach is a hidden gem, perfect for those seeking tranquility and wanting to enjoy the sea away from the crowds. The crystal-clear water and surrounding landscape create a magical and relaxing atmosphere, especially popular for snorkelers. You can reach this small bay via a path that is located between Demos Restaurant and La Perla.

Fairy Hole

The story goes that once, perhaps centuries or perhaps decades ago, a group of fishermen were sailing near this seaside location. Near the Baratti Gulf they began to hear sweet female songs and, curious, approached. They saw, thus, the faces of playful maidens, intent on swirling through the waters, swift and graceful. Curious and incredulous, a fisherman named Valerius decided to see for himself what was happening there. With his boat he arrived at Fairy Hole and, not content, went too far. So it was that a vortex kidnapped his boat, sending him into an underwater tunnel covered with phosphorescent jellyfish. From the tunnel he then arrived at a place that looked like heaven.Valerius was then released and his return was a great celebration and from then on, the story goes, this place was called Fairy Hole. This is exactly what you would expect from a fairy tale. It is a magical place, where fairies have given birth to a centuries-old legend, giving this particular name to the seaside resort. A pristine beach with large pebbles and a dreamy view. To reach Buca delle Fate we recommend reaching a square called Reciso where you can park your car for free. In one corner of this square is a small ladder consisting of four wooden steps that will lead beyond the fence to the exact spot where the path to the Fairy Hole begins. Alternatively, you can safely exit the parking lot and access the trail from the main entrance where there is a large map of the area with the various viable trails marked.

Cala San Quirico

This small cove is located along the Cavalleggeri route that connects high Populonia to Piombino. A clear sea rich in marine flora and fauna. The beach consists of pebbles of various sizes eroded by the action of the sea. It is completely wild and has no services. Rock shoes are recommended.

Spiaggia Lunga

It is a beautiful beach of light-colored pebbles and pebbles, characterized by a narrow, irregular, jagged shoreline hemmed in by rocky cliffs dotted and surrounded by Mediterranean species. The place has great unspoiled and wild charm and does not offer any kind of services. The sea is beautiful, with shades from emerald green to turquoise, crystal clear, transparent and with pebbly bottoms, ideal for swimming, bathing and, why not, a picnic at sunset. To reach the beach, once you arrive at Cala Moresca, a beautiful inlet west of Piombino, you continue on foot along a charming path.


This beach is, so to speak, the favorite beach for locals.It is well known that “where the locals go is synonymous with quality.” The beach is located at the end of a 4-kilometer-long dirt road and is the wildest beach on the East Coast, extending all the way to the Terre Rosse locality.The beach is mostly free, only a small part is equipped with the presence of a bathing establishment that is also accessible to people with disabilities and pet-friendly.

The beach has fine, light-colored sand with very shallow water for several meters out to sea. The whole stretch of coastline is ideal for walks in the water or quiet sunbathing.

The sea is one of the most beautiful in the area, on the clearest days reaching hues and transparencies that have nothing to envy to those of nearby Elba Island.

Rimigliano Beach

A green strip overlooking the sea, along the Via della Principessa that connects San Vincenzo to Piombino, where Mediterranean vegetation shows itself in all its beauty and variety of species, shapes and colors. The sea, the golden sand, the dune with its scrub shaped by the sea winds, and finally the shady forest dominated by holm oaks and domestic pines with their characteristic umbrella-like foliage: this is the Coastal Park of Rimigliano with its 650 hectares of territory.The beach, characterized by a protected system of dunes, is equipped with showers and public toilets, and the scrubland that overlooks the sea, accessible from the road thanks to its many pedestrian entrances, is full of paths dotted with areas for picnics and picnic lunches.

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